101 Ways to Give, Love, and Spread Joy
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What Others Are Saying...

"I live by the promise that if I GIVE unto others, that it will be given back to me, pressed down shaken together and running over. This promise has held so true in all through my life's experiences.

I know that anyone that would apply these Powerful yet simple Treasure's of Giving unto others will
experience the same benefit of the promise of giving coming back to them that I stated above in there own lives.

Keep Giving from the Heart My Friend"

Jeff Wellman
Fremont, Michigan


"Your card came at the most perfect time.  It touched me so much I started crying"

Clayton, Georgia



101 Ways to Give, Love, and Spread Joy

If you want to feel good in an instant making others feel good then this book is what you need...

8 ways this book will help YOU!

    1. Learn how quickly you can give, love and spread joy.  Do it in an instant.
    2. Instantly transform your way of thinking.
    3. Learn the value of giving to receive.
    4. Reduce stress and incorporate joy into your life.
    5. Position yourself to receive what you deserve.
    6. Enrich your life with love.
    7. Effortlessly strengthen existing relationships.
    8. Improve work relationships.

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101 Ways to give, love, and spread joy


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